Why I hate Android

Since Apple introduced iPhone in 2007, the mobile phone industry has been in a tailspin.  Apple already commands over half the profits of mobile phone industry.  In a panic, Nokia, once the largest mobile phone maker, is moving their platform to Microsoft.  RIM, the makers of Blackberry, are making their future products compatible with Android apps.

Android, is hailed as the “open-source” alternative to iPhone.  The problem I have with Google Android is that its whole framework is “ersatz”, meaning is it an imitation, an inferior substitute.  In this case, Google Android is an ersatz iOS.  Touch based operating system?  Apple: innovators, Google: imitators.

Google is an internet advertising company, they have little interest in building the best mobile platform, their sole aim is to extend the reach of Google beyond the desktop which was dominated by Microsoft and Intel.  Their motivation is not have the best platform, just a good-enough, ubiquitous platform.

Not only is Google Android ersatz, Android 3.0 is a “short-cut”, an admission by Andy Rubin himself:

Andy Rubin, vice-president for engineering at Google and head of its Android group. “We didn’t want to think about what it would take for the same software to run on phones. It would have required a lot of additional resources and extended our schedule beyond what we thought was reasonable. So we took a shortcut.”

Google took a short-cut on Android 3.0 because they are desperately trying to catch up with iOS, by their own admission they took a shortcut, they are not interested in being the best, they are content with being in the running.

Google TV? TV networks are blocking their programs from being viewed on Google TV.  Not even with high profile partners like Sony has made Google TV a success.

Google’s vision of the internet is where advertising pays for everything, everything is “free” for the end user because it is paid for by ads and Google sells the most ads.  Most important priority for Google: get more users to get more advertising revenue.

Apple’s vision of the internet is where the end user pays for everything, the devices, the services.  Most important priority for Apple: End user satisfaction.

In summary, I hate Google Android because they are ersatz: uninspiring and unoriginal.  I don’t care that Android has a bigger market share – Google have stolen Intellectual Property to get there, which still to be decided from a legal point of view.  If Android attracts patent license fees they will be borne by the OEMs, not by Google.  Google are gambling the resources of their integrators.   If I disagree with Google’s business practices and I question their ethics.

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