My Retro Macintosh SE/30 Experiment

Have you ever wanted to relive part of your past?  Not the bad parts, but the good parts?  I do sometimes!

So people long to find their first car, the car they grew up with or bought with their own money.  But that’s not the point of this email.  I want to relive part of my childhood computing experiences!

Thanks to Moore’s law, modern desktop computers are now so fast, that most people don’t max out their computer’s capabilities, though looking at the statistics on computer sales, many people still upgrade their computer every 2-3 years.

My daily driver is my Apple iMac G5 that I bought in 2004, that’s a 7 years old machine, still performing strong.  Having said that though I do have to use another newer machine for the odd occasion that I do video or photo editing.

Then I was thinking, what about computers that we used when we were growing up?  How would they fare in today’s environment?  Would they still be usable?  Or has the “bar” being lifted so high that they are next to useless.

Our first family computer was a Apple II, albeit a clone, it was the only computer in our house until we were in High School, when my Dad bought a 286, it was only when I had the money to buy my own computer that I went back to Apple.

With this in mind, I went searching on eBay for a suitable computer for my “retro computing” experiment, I recently bought a Macintosh SE/30 and hope to have it setup shortly!

I know that you can get emulators, but that’s not the “full” experience, I wanted to use the old hardware as well and appreciate computing from another era.

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