Macintosh SE/30 Emulated in 2011

In the wake of Apple co-founder Steve Job’s death, I decided to revisit my Retro computing experiment that I started in July.

The Macintosh SE/30, originally released in 1989, is the last of the “Classic” Macintosh line that retained the original Macintosh shape from 1984.  It had a 9″ black & white monitor, 8Mb of RAM.

Although it was released before the world wide web was conceived, I managed to get it on the web and here are some screenshots to prove it!  (The first three screenshots are of the Macintosh on the web and the fourth of me playing the original Civilization!!

Overall, I found the experience positive.  Despite the limitations of the machine, it was a joy to use!  I can imagine how excited people must have been in 1989 about this machine!  The GUI is years ahead of anything of it’s era.  Sure the computer is “slow” (by today’s standards), but it’s not unbearable.  A computer released in 1989 and it is still usable in 2011, though I cannot do internet banking on it! 😉

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