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Apple’s Profit and the Flummoxed Competition

The late Steve Jobs said that the iPad flummoxed all of the competition, with the annoucement of Apple’s Q1 2012 Results, it was one of the largest corporate profits of all time, considering that almost all others on the largest … Continue reading

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Removable CompactFlash in a Compact Mac

Since it was Macintosh’s 28th birthday yesterday, it got me thinking about the Compact Mac line. I stumbled upon¬†this project¬†by Roberto Barrios, where he places a CF into his Korg Trinton. This post was inspired by Roberto’s project. I thought: … Continue reading

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Creating a SSD for my Macintosh SE/30

Technical Challenge The 50-pin narrow SCSI hard disk interface found in the SE/30 is now obsolete. It is difficult to buy new drives with a 50-pin SCSI interface. While it is possible to buy second hand drives, but these are … Continue reading

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