Removable CompactFlash in a Compact Mac

Since it was Macintosh’s 28th birthday yesterday, it got me thinking about the Compact Mac line. I stumbled upon this project by Roberto Barrios, where he places a CF into his Korg Trinton.


This post was inspired by Roberto’s project. I thought: “I wonder if the same could be done in a Compact Mac?”

I know that technically it is possible, since, successfully booting up with CF is possible. The only drawback my current CF setup is that it is quite an effort to remove the CF card, though I think Roberto has a much more elegant and integrated approach.

I bit of investigation lead me to this vital part from Startech CF IDE Adapter


So the plan is to replace the FDD with this Startech 3.5″ CF IDE Adapter, use I-O DATA R-IDSC SCSI to IDE adapter to connect back to the SCSI bus.

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