Apple’s Profit and the Flummoxed Competition

The late Steve Jobs said that the iPad flummoxed all of the competition, with the annoucement of Apple’s Q1 2012 Results, it was one of the largest corporate profits of all time, considering that almost all others on the largest corporate quarterly earnings list are oil companies. Where is all this profit coming from? From Apple’s flummoxed competitors!

Apple’s competitors in the mobile space that have announced loss of jobs, loss of profits or even losses:

In traditional desktop computer, another market that Apple pioneered, everyone from Nvidia to Intel to Microsoft is complaining about the flood in Thailand affecting profits, but not Apple:

The iPad is now Apple second most important product line, the competition tried to imitate, but there is no “tablet” market, only an iPad market:

Lastly, Apple is flummoxing competitors in areas where Apple doesn’t directly compete in:

Apple is like a giant vacuum that is cleaning up all the profits!

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One Response to Apple’s Profit and the Flummoxed Competition

  1. Well, as of today. Apple is the leading techno company. It has surpassed Its main competitors, HP and Microsoft.

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