How Apple, Google and Microsoft seek to be the centre of our digital lives

digital-brainThe answer to this question comes down to how each of these three tech giants view the world.

Look at how these company make their money:

  • Apple – Device focused
  • Google – Advertising focused
  • Microsoft – Windows focused

Apple seek to place their device at the centre of your digital life, iPhone, iPad, Mac.  Value is placed on making the device the centre of your life.  This is the reason why Apple are constantly striving to create the most desirable products in the world.  The more products Apple sells, the more value it creates.

Google seek to place their place at the centre of your digital life by offering Google search, Gmail and other ad supported internet based services.  The more people that use their services, the more eyeballs Google has to sell to the its horde of advertisers, in Google’s view of the world, the people that are the most important are the advertisers.

Microsoft seek to place Windoze at the centre of your digital life. Windoze on your PC, Windoze on your phone, Windoze on your tablet.  The market is proving that, other than on PCs, no one really wants to use Windoze.  People use Windoze for the same reasons people continue to smoke, they fear change. That’s why Microsoft is failing in the post PC world.

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