My favourite keyboards

Apps-preferences-desktop-keyboard-iconThe keyboard is the part of computing that we interact with the most, yet most people are content to use the keyboard that the computer originally bundled with.  The emphasis of most computer packages is towards minimising cost and this has resulted in cheap, sub-optimal keyboards.  The majority of keyboards supplied as standard are membrane keyboards.

I’ve previously written about tactile keyboards for Macs and iOS.  This post is a followup to that post.  In my quest for a better keyboard, I have narrowed down to a short of three keyboards that I own and I enjoy using regularly, listed by date of acquisition:

  1. Apple Desktop Bus Keyboard – the one that shipped originally with the Apple IIGS, I have one attached to my iMac via a Griffin iMate ADB to USB adapter.  This keyboard is undoubtably the best keyboard Apple has ever produced.  The switches are the clicky white Alps. Cost of acquisition: $92 for the keyboard, $50 for the adapter.
  2. Happy Hacking Keyboard Professional 2 – The most polarising keyboard in the world.  People who hate this keyboard will say that this is the small keyboard that is way too expensive for what it is.  People who love this keyboard will say that it is the best keyboard money can buy, it has all the keys and functions of a full sized keyboard in a very compact form factor.  The switches are topre, tactile but non-clicky. Cost of acquisition: $330
  3. Ducky DK9087 Shine 2 Tenkeyless – most people will rave on about the LED features of this keyboard, I think the LED lighting is a nice touch, but I like this keyboard because it is tenkeyless and the ease to convert the keycaps to a Mac layout. The switches are Cherry MX series. I chose the Cherry MX Brown switches. Cost of acquisition: $130
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