Adventures with my Apple IIc Part 2 – Using ADTPro

Ordering the parts

The best way to communicate to the Apple is via a brilliant piece of software called ADTPro, firstly we need some bits:

  1. DB9 Serial to USB Adapter – there are two main types, one with FTDI chipset, one with Prolific chipset.  The ones with FTDI chipset tend to be more expensive.  I used the one from ATEN that uses a Prolific chipset.
  2. 5-pin DIN to DB9 Serial Null Modem – Everywhere I looked, on Google and on forums where pointing me to, but their postage cost to Australia was astronomical.  I instead bought the cable from
  3. 5.25″ Floppy disks – Amazingly people are still selling these things on eBay.

Configuring ADTPro

I had a bit of trouble at first, but I was able to communicate from my iMac running Mountain Lion with my Apple IIc using the following settings:

ADTPro 1.2.8 ADTPro1 ADTPro2


y40LS4A54jcAndGtwBcHSXPKEd6shtJNRteOi6Fp-E0 JwSTLB0a3D_glnsboCiF2p-BA81oo4ALMN-vgSRKVFw


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