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CompactFlash based SCSI SSD for Macintosh revisted

After success with creating an CF based SCSI SSD for my Macintosh SE/30 and wanting to making removable, I decided to revisit the project, seeing if I could improve it. The memory card I selected for version 2 after much … Continue reading

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Removable CompactFlash in a Compact Mac

Since it was Macintosh’s 28th birthday yesterday, it got me thinking about the Compact Mac line. I stumbled upon¬†this project¬†by Roberto Barrios, where he places a CF into his Korg Trinton. This post was inspired by Roberto’s project. I thought: … Continue reading

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Creating a SSD for my Macintosh SE/30

Technical Challenge The 50-pin narrow SCSI hard disk interface found in the SE/30 is now obsolete. It is difficult to buy new drives with a 50-pin SCSI interface. While it is possible to buy second hand drives, but these are … Continue reading

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